Intelair started as an idea in 2006 and developed as an RF consulting firm. Networks and telecom has always been our core expertise from the beginning.  To grow the business we leveraged our IT experience and our first client was a medical billing company based in Maryland, USA. Our humble beginning taught us that no network is too small to take care of.


In 2008 the business was relocated to take advantage of the Canadian markets, and our first Canadian clients rapidly opened to us the Quebec and Ontario markets. Again we leveraged our deep IT experience to grow our client base. The influx of new clients underlined to us the value of our IT expertise. It was at this time that our focus changed to better leverage our IT experience.

As new clients trusted us with their projects, we started building relationships with local suppliers. Some of our partnerships such as Cisco and Microsoft have enabled us to deliver stronger cost-competitive solutions. With time we were also able to build a network of IT specialists across various domains. We want our clients to get the best help and if we can’t deliver the solution we’ll refer you to someone who is a better fit for you. By doing so we were able to strengthen our relationships within the Montreal and Ontario markets.


In the past two years Intelair has experience enormous growth thanks in part to strategic initiatives. In 2018 we started opening up other Canadian Markets starting with Manitoba, and following through with Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Our major focus for 2019 has been strengthening the new markets we opened up by investing  in the datacenter and telecom side of our business. Today we serve clients across 5 Canadian provinces and 3 US states.


We are looking intently to open additional markets both in Canada and the USA. More to come in the second half of 2021…


About Intelair

We are a Montreal based team of certified IT experts. Intelair started as a Wireless RF consulting firm, and has grown over the years as we have acquired talents. Today, we service multiple IT domains to provide a complete IT solution. Our goal is to simplify your IT operations, so you can concentrate on what matters most to you.

We’re Professionals

Growth takes time. Our many years of experience has lead us to focus and meticulous care. Your IT infrastructure is precious to you, your business success relies on it. We understand, that’s why we’re here.

Passionate about what we do

We love being on top of the latest technologies, from the cutting-edge to the tried and proven, we make sure we know what we’re talking about! Technology, to put it simply, is a passion for us.

We listen!

No two businesses are alike. It is very important for us to ask you questions to understand what your real needs are,  to listen, and then deliver. We create custom solutions that work and fill your needs.