About our Datacenter

Intelair owns and operates its own infrastructure, with redundancies at every level. Our network core is in Montreal at the Toure de la Bourse (800 Rue du Square-Victoria). Our private  cloud infrastructure is distributed at other Canadian locations to build a stable and reliable service for our clients.

Datacenter Managed Services

Our service offerings in centered around turn-key solutions for our clients. We take care of the network engineering aspects, bandwidth, space, electricity, redundancy aspects leaving you to deal only with what matters most: Your actual Business Applications.

The Intelair advantage


We hold out network to the highest degree of scrutiny to avoid downtime, we are proud to say that our network is five nines (99.999%) of availability.


Security is a must and is part of all our processes and procedures. Your business is safe with our infrastructure.


It’s 2021: We only use highest quality flash servers and we don’t overprovisioned our network links. We’re speed freaks and that’s how we build and provision.


With 5 Terabits of bandwidth in our core network, we have room to breathe.  Latency under 500ns, BGP at the edge, MPLS between sites and VXLAN in the datacenter.

Our support guarantee

Certified humans
Five 9s uptime (99.999%)

Network Operations Center

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is local to Quebec and manages all our datacenter infrastructure. Network or server changes are planned, clearly communicated, and carefully reviewed before implementation.

Our clients


We host the servers of several financial companies here in Montreal so our services adhere to PIPEDA.


We host services for hotels and various hospitality based business across Canada.


We host services for construction companies and general contractors.

Service providers

Service providers trust our infrastructure to manage their hosting and bandwidth businesses.

Want to know more?

Let us show you our datacenter

About our datacenter

We have several locations with fail-over and redundancy built right in. Our main facility is located in the heart of the Montreal downtown with over 20 carriers and up to 30kw per cabinet of power available. Hydroquebec provides a dual feed. SOC2 Type 2 compliance.