Get the most of working at home

According to statistics 40% of Canadian Jobs can be done remotely. The pandemic demonstrated how remote work was possible and even had advantages, the first one being safe. How to get the most out of it?

Work close to a window

Many offices today don’t offer the luxury of being right beside a window. Some departments are often placed farther in the office and don’t offer as much daylight . Remote-work is great. You can choose where you work.

According to the PMC National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health ‘ Office workers with more light exposure at the workplace tended to have longer sleep duration, better sleep quality, more physical activity, and better quality of life compared to office workers with less light exposure at the workplace’.

Spend time with your family

For sure, working from home is an adaptation, but once we get it all organized we can come to appreciate it. In some families remote work helped them attain work-life-balance and save the some precious time. Spending lunch and breaks together. For some moms, preparing the supper or popping clothes in the washing machine in advance was an upgrade for them. And all pets are thriving with remote work 😉

Save time

Bumper to bumper, overwhelmed metro and bus… Now you can arrive to work under 30 seconds! No more stress of driving and being stuck in traffic. For some it gives them the opportunity to wake up sit down take coffee or tea and prepare themselves to go to work less stressed and rushed.

Enjoy Music

Does music help you concentrate ? Why not download your favorite playlist or start a radio with a song you love ? Music can boost your mood and make you work more efficiently if it helps you concentrate!

Get some fresh air

Why not take your coffee break or your lunch to go outside have some sunlight and take some fresh air? Working long hours on the computer can be draining and exhausting…. it can even cause brain fog. Taking some fresh air can improve your mood and increase your productivity!

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