The threat is real

Millions of computers are hacked every year. The more devices your business manages the harder it is to keep a track of what’s going on in your network. Business are falling more and more target to sophisticated attacks that reveal clients and suppliers and directly impact revenue.

some statistics

  • 90% of business in 2019 are unprepared for a digital threat
  • 85% of business do not have a Disaster Recovery plan
  • 48% of businesses pay ransoms for their data
  • 38% of business have a formal training program in place

Will you be just another statistic?

Why we’re up to the challenge

Our deep passion for security combined with our decades of security experience produce a unique force to keep your business safe. We’ve defeated cryptoviruses, designed and implemented air tight networks, secured edge networks and even have experience with east to west segmentation. All of our deliverables go through a security checklist. For us security is not an option, but a sad and important requirement for all the work we do.


With over 25 years in the IT security field, we’re well qualified to secure networks. We’ve done penetration testing, wifi cracking, firewall hardening. Security comes easy to us, like riding a bike.


Training takes time, and  is very important for us at Intelair. With over a dozen certifications, we thoroughly understand how networks work, and where things can go wrong.


Security is not simply an afterthought for us. We genuinely love making networks hard to break into! No network is unhackable, but we rise to the challenge making infrastructure more solid than ever.