We are a Montreal based IT service provider, and we LOVE technology. We’re network engineers and IT consultants with many years of experience and a rich passion for enabling businesses.

We do… IT Consulting

At our core, we are consultants. We help clients overcome digital challenges and grow their business to the next step. Our staff is certified and always training. We even have several labs to train on the latest routing, firewall, switching, server or storage technologies.

We deliver… IT Services

We’ve leveraged our unique experience to build a modern datacenter cloud. With several physical sites and paths, we’re able to deliver cost-efficient and reliable services. Our network values performance and redundancy, and all our service offerings benefit from our strengths.

Digital Challenges

Technology plays a more important than ever role in today’s businesses. Leveraging your IT can bring reduced operational costs while increasing your company’s profits. However that’s easier said than done. IT costs money, time, energy, and has a large impact on productivity and employee happiness. With today’s IT market, how do you stay competitive and on top of your game?

Intelair is…

Cost effective: Many of our clients work on tight budgets, and we’ve grown several methods for staying in-budget. Non-profits and small businesses trust us for a reason.

Proactive: We’ve grown network management to an art. We analyse, advise, and execute. Your network is safe with us, at all times of the day.

Connected: Our network of partners and suppliers permit us to deliver stronger services at a lower costs. We value relationships and therefore we prefer to pass people over profits.

Smart: Knowledge is power. Good hardware and software goes a long way, but we’ll show you how to globally protect your business from digital threats.

Fast: Business speed. When our clients are in need, whether it be Wednesday at 11PM or Sunday at 2PM, we’ll be there to take care of their needs.

How we deliver

Information Technology (IT) is here to help you, not drag you down. Your IT should permit you to cut costs, be more productive, and in the end make more money. When you solve a business problem with IT, you’re ensuring a guaranteed return on investment (ROI). If you’re losing money because of your IT infrastructure or services, you need to resolve these issues ASAP.  

When we meet with you we’re very interested in your business. We listen to understand what’s important to you, and how we can deliver a quality service. We understand that it’s not just about installing shiny new equipment, it’s about helping your business grow. We leverage our strengths to deliver a quality service to our clients.

Benefits of working with us


Your network will always be running at peak condition


Years of experience with certified staff following best-practices


When you hire us, we’ll keep your IT spending under control

Around the clock

We’ll take good care of your network, always.

Business needs first

Know where you’re heading, and we’ll help you get there

See what we can do for you

Our clients are satisfied with the value we bring them, and so will you.