How businesses use CRM Platforms to boost sales productivity

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management. It’s a technology that helps thousands of companies to help them manage their leads, do follow up… and many more!

1. Contact List

Incorporate all your contact information of potential leads. ( Name, Address, Email, Phone)

2. Synchronize other apps

Many CRM plattforms allow you to incorporate apps you are already using : email, Slack, Pando Doc….

This helps to centralize all the information at one are

3. Create your Pipeline

The goal is to make a lead become a deal. The process can take a couple steps starting from the first contact, sending quote… to the signature. The Pipeline gives you a visual of all these steps.

You can also rate the probability by percentage of getting the deal and the amount it would probably generate.

Some CRM allow you to rate the leads with colors and set priorities on the ones that will possibly end up as deals.

Create Task / Reminders

Hardest part of Sales is not to forget to do follow-ups. Reminders set ahead of time can help us achieve good follow-ups for better customer service support.

Best CRM’s in 2022

To see the best ranked CRM’s for 2022, you can visit:

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