The damages of ransomware and how to prevent it ?

Canadian statistics revealed 70% of Canadian organizations were victim of ransomware in 2020

What is a ransomware?

What is a ransom ? In simple words it’s a payment in exchange of something. Hackers will block you access in exchange of money (see picture)

Crypto ransomware :

In this case they use a malware to block the access to your information ( Databases, files and applications). Your information will now be encrypted and you will be enabled to have access.

Locker ransomware

In this case they will block access to your devices entirely. We will not be able to log in. In some cases your device won’t even open.

How can it happen?

It is more likely to happened when you mistakenly click on a link that you received by email or on your phone from an unknown source. This is why we should never press on any link that we don’t know the source! They are stubborn. They won’t stop sending links and making attempts until the day you accidentally press on it! It’s better to not check your messages when your tired and start clicking everywhere 🙂

If you see a weird email or text ignore it and block it. Signal it if possible as a scam so it can be reported.

If you are victim of ransomware what do I do?

According to the Canadian Cyber Security guidelines, you should report the incident to the local police and report the cyber crime.

To have more information on what further steps to take and how to prevent ransomware you can visit :

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